Suleymaniye Masjid (London) Jamā‘ah Times

Monday, August 15, 202217 MUHARRAM 1444
Fajr / Sabah
Sunrise / Güneş
Dhuhr / Öğle
Asr / ikindi
Maghrib / Akşam
Isha / Yatsı
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Masjid opens 15 mins before fajr athan and will close after fajr salah. Re-opens at 09:00 and will be closed at the end of isha salah. There is ladies section for sisters to pray including Jumuah

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Give Sadaqah Jariyah Today"When a person dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: ongoing charity (sadaqah jariyah), knowledge that is benefited from, and a righteous child who prays for him." (Sahih Muslim)



Udhiyyah is to slaughter an animal like sheep, goat, cattle and camel, with the intention of Ibâdah seeking nearness to Allâh تعالى on the Sacrifice Days (10th, 11th, 12th of Dhul-Hijjah). Offering Udhiyyah (sacrifice) is Wâjib upon whom Fitrah is Wâjib. That is, all Muslims who possess the Nisâb amount of wealth, who are free and Muqîm (resident) are required to sacrifice. Sacrifice is performed to redeem one’s own soul. It is declared that the sins of the one who sacrifices will be forgiven as the first blood of the animal is shed, on the condition that it is sacrificed purely for Allâh’s pleasure.

فَصَلِّ لِرَبِّكَ وَانْحَرْۜ  So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone]. (Al-Kawthar, verse 2)

Annual Zakah

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is fard (Obligatory) for a Muslim who is free, sound mind, pubescent and who has sufficient amounts of wealth to give Zakat. This nisab amount in Zakat corresponds to 80.18 grams of gold. Apart from his basic needs and debts, every Muslim who has 80.18 grams of gold, cash or income producing properties of this value performs the Zakat worship once a year.

Allâh Ta‘âlâ says: “…And establish Salâh, and give Zakâh and lend to Allah a goodly loan (in the path of Allah to receive its reward later), and whatever good you send before you for yourselves, you will certainly find it with Allah, better and greater in reward.” (Sûrah al-Muzzammil, Âyah 20)

'Then steadfastly continue to duly establish the Prayer, and give the Zakât-Charity' (Sûrat Al-Mujâdilah, 58:13).

Fazilet Islamic Calendar

Fazilet Calendar continues to be the life guide of millions of Muslims throughout the world.

All our prayer times are taken from Fazilet Calendar. Also Jumuah Prayer is prayed here every week and the hutbah lectures are performed in English as well as Turkish.

Fazilet Calendar Mobile App is the digital version of the Fazilet Calendar, published every year with new content and available in 18 languages. Easy access to the information, Hadīth al-Sharīf and daily Salāh times for any location in the world. Calendar containing Islamic information (with it's resources) every Muslim should learn .

The app also supports Prayer Notifications for every Salāh time, Qiblah Compass and has many more features Download for iphone 🔃 Download for Android


Suleymaniye Islamic Funeral Services, London’s one of the oldest Muslim funeral service, is based at Suleymaniye Mosque. Since 2000, we have been assisting the Muslim community by arranging and managing the funerals of their loved ones. We can advise on all aspects funeral and burial arrangements, and make any necessary arrangements, including the Janazah (funeral) prayer at here Suleymaniye Mosque.

We provide burial service in the UK and also repatriating your loved ones to their home country. (Turkey, North Cyprus, Bulgaria and other countries). 24 hours available contact numbers 📞+44 7515 648961, 02076849900 📧

Madrasah 2022-2023

Islamic Education for children. In the Madrasah style education method, lessons are given by our experienced teachers (Hodja) practically over Islamic studies in accordance with the creed of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah. "For Muslim, Knowledge is from the cradle to the grave". (Hadith Al Shareef)

Education For Adults

"The best of you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it". (Sahih Bukhari). All of our Older Muslim brothers and sisters can benefit from our basic Islamic and Quran education. With the basic Islamic knowledge (Ilm-Al- hal) education, the information a Muslim needs in their daily life is taught in a comprehensive manner in accordance with the creed of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.

Please contact the imam 07545571241 for more information and registration

Islamic Marriage (Nikah)

We provide Islamic Marriage (Nikah) service and also have authority to perform Official Marriage. The Nikah ceremony will be performed by any one of the appointed Imams (Muslim Ministers). Please contact us for more information, requirements and availability.

For more information please contact the imam on 020 7684 9900 or 07930507610


The construction of Suleymaniye Mosque began back in 1994. After years of commitment and devotion to the cause, the doors of the community centre finally opened to the public in October of 1999. Over the years, we have further expanded our local services, and have come to work with a large demographic of volunteers from within the very community that we strive to serve. In due time, we decided to take another leap forward by establishing our London based charity, which aims to increase volunteer activity and focus its attention on large scale projects nationally. Suleymaniye Community Association (Charity Reg. No: 1174551)

Contact the Masjid Reception +442076849900

📍212-216 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AX