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MeatMe Halal Butchers

Meatme Halal Butchers located on the ground floor of our building, open 7 days a week between 09:00-20:00. You can access it from Laburnum Street.

As the mosque management, we carry out the necessary checks for the butcher and reference that all products are not only halal stamped but also halal guaranteed with their own cuts.

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Fresh Lamb products

All their products not just stamped halal, but guaranteed halal via their own cuts.

Chicken products comes frozen from their supplier Tuna Foods located in Germany and served frozen to our customers

Why Tuna Foods?

Their halal and natural taste are our basic values that they offer to their consumers. They produce and offer them to their consumers in accordance with these values.
They work with great care in all steps from raw material quality to hygiene, from naturalness to taste.
They are delighted to bring healthy, natural and halal flavors away from glutamate and other harmful additives to their consumers. They are looking for new and fast ways to offer their consumers healthy, halal and natural products with their growing production and sales network.

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Why Should I Choose Tuna Food?

Because, Halal and Naturalness they offer to their customers are our essential values distinguish them from other producers. They attach great importance to hygiene and naturalness in all of our production stages. They are delighted to bring healthy, natural and halal flavours away from Monosodium Glutamate and other harmful additives to their consumers.

What is Dry Plucking?

Dry Plucking is the process of removing the feathers of a chicken slaughtered according to Islamic methods without using a scalding boiler, medicated and high temperature water. There is no bacteria, dust and impurities in chickens that are applied dry-plucking process. Therefore, a cleaner, hygienic and healthy product is offered to consumers.

Variety of Breakfast products all you need for breakfast..

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