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when Qurbani is performed and you can pray two rakat nafilah salah for shukur.

Adaq Qurbani

An Adaq Qurbani is when a person promises to Allahu SWT to perform a Qurbani under a condition that they perform a certain act. Upon the completion of that act, it must be executed.

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Aqiqah Qurbani

The sacrifice offered for a newborn baby as a gratitude to Allâh (Ta`ala) is called Aqîqah. It is Mustahab (and Sunnah according to Al Aimmah Al-Thalathah). It can be performed any time after the birth of the child but more favourable on the seventh day.

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Nafilah Qurbani

It is the Qurbani that is performed aside from Vaceeb and Fardh for precise intentions. Performing Qurbani is a form of gratitude shown towards Allahu SWT for all the offerings and blessings.

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Sheefa Qurbani

Sheefa Qurbani for someone who is ill. Because Allah-u swt., in the verse, "Indeed, Allah is with those who are patient." He commands. The sacrifice we cut to be sure of all these material and spiritual diseases is called a healing the patient. There are many spiritual benefits in making sacrifice a means for the healing we want from Allah swt. Almighty.

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Shukur Qurbani

It is a Qurbani with any and all intention to show gratitude to Allahu SWT. A person may arrange for a Shukur Qurbani after they have met a goal or a blessing they have been endowed upon.

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Wacib Qurbani

According to the Hijri Calendar, the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th days of the Dhul Hijjah is Eid-ul Adha (The Feast of the Sacrifice). It is Wajib (Compulsory) for every Muslim who possess Nisab (minimum amount of wealth requiring them to pay Zakat) according to the Hanafi school of thought. The Qurbani that is sacrificed, is sacrificed for the person who slaughtered it, and it is hoped that with the first blood, all the sins of the owner of the Qurbani will be forgiven.

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