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212-216 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AX

020 7684 9900

Charity Reg. No. 1174551



There is no visitor parking at the Mosque.

You can check the nearest available pay and display parking plots using the ring go app which is the easiest way to find parking when parking enforcement hours in place.

Zone F Parking (where the mosque is located in)

Operating Hours are Monday to Friday 07:30 - 18:30 (you can park free out of these hours)

Saturday 07:30 - 13:30 (you can park free out of these hours)

Sunday: no enforcement 

Please check signs before you park in case of any suspension. 

Visit Hackney Council Website if you would like to find out more and zones map.

Single Red Line

Parking is not available from 07:00 till 19:00 7 days. There is a TFL cctv near the mosque which captures the vehicles obstructing the traffic and drivers get a fine. Single Red line and loading bay in front of the mosque is free to use before 07:00 and free to park after 19:00. Please check signs before you park in case of any suspension. 


  • Laburnum Street

  • Whiston Road

  • Orsman Road

  • Dunston Road

  • Clarissa Street

  • Lee Street

  • Stean Street

  • Downham Road


Vehicles are permitted to park in residential, shared use, and pay and display bays (three bays) only. Parking on other restrictions, such as double/single yellow lines or footway is prohibited and enforceable (subject to penalty charge notice issue) if observed by a civil enforcement officer.

Parking Information only During Jumu'ah Salah

Parking enforcement will not be in place for following streets every friday only during times stated below. You are free to park in following streets during every (Friday) Jumuah salah.


1. 30th April to 30th October, 13:00-14:40

2. 31st October to 31st March 2023, 12:00-13:40   Fridays only.

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