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Our Services 

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Suleymaniye's mission is to provide a qualified education to students in UK while preserving their worldly and moral values.


Nikah is the religious ceremony required by Islamic law to unite a Muslim man and woman in holy matrimony. This ceremony holds an important place of honor among many families, even if they ascribe to more Western philosophies regarding marriage. 

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Suleymaniye Banqueting Hall

Welcome to Suleymaniye Banqueting Hall, your destination for unforgettable events and celebrations. Since the year 2000, we have been at the heart of countless special moments, providing an exquisite backdrop for gatherings of up to 150 people.

Hajj & Umrah

Our aim is to offer our services for those muslims all around the world with highly educated Islamic scholars and imams by helping them complete all menasik of Hajj and Umrah Ibadah according to Sunnah of Probhet (pbuh).



London’s one of the oldest Muslim funeral service, is based at Suleymaniye Mosque. Since 2000, we have been assisting the Muslim community by arranging and managing the funerals of their loved ones.

Suleymaniye Aid

International Response

  •  Established a water fund in places such as Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  •  Aiding in the practice of ‘Qurbani’ every year during ‘Dhul Hijjah’ and subsequently helping in food distribution to struggling countries.

  •  Providing humanitarian aid for the welfare and wellbeing of children worldwide.

  •  Assisting in ‘green projects’ (such as planting trees and installing solar panels) for the betterment of our plant and the survival of future generations.

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Funeral Fund

With the intention of easing your difficult times. The Funeral Fund aims to help our Muslim brothers and sisters in accordance with Islam, to cover transportation and service costs, and to support their families and relatives when repatriating your loved one to Turkey, North Cyprus and Bulgaria.

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