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Salâh Al-Tasbîh is the greatest kind of repentance and asking for forgiveness, which is done with the whole body.

Rasûlullâh صلى الله عليه وسلم once spoke to his beloved uncle, Hazrat Abbas رضي الله عنها, concerning Salâh Al-Tasbîh: [“O Uncle! Let me inform you of a gift of ten rewards by means of which Allah تعالــى will forgive your sins, the first and the last of them, the past and the recent, the unintentional and intentional, the major and minor, the secret and open. (He صلى الله عليه وسلم taught him about Tasbîh Salâh and continued to advice). If you are able to do so, perform this Salâh every day. If you cannot, perform it once a month. If you cannot even do that once a year; otherwise, once in your lifetime”.


Salâh Al-Tasbîh consists of four rakahs, in which the following Tasbîh is recited 300 times:

How to Recite this Tasbîh in Salâh:

- 15 times after the dua of Subhânaka (Thanâ), (before Sûrah Al-Fâtihah),

- 10 times after the Sûrah,

- 10 times while in the Rukû’,

- 10 times after Rukû’ while standing (Al-Qawmah),

- 10 times in the Sajdah Al-Ûlâ, (first prostration),

- 10 times in the Jalsah (short sitting between the first and second prostration),

-10 times in the second Sajdah.

Thus, the total number of the Tasbîh in the first rakah is 75. The number and order of the Tasbîh is the same in the second rakah. After the completion of the second rakah, the musallî sits for Tashahhud and reads “Attahiyyâtu” Allahumma Salli” and “Allahumma Bârik”. Then they rise

for the third rakah and read the dua of Subhânaka (Thanâ) before Sûrah Al-Fâtihah. The performance of the third and fourth rakahs is the same as the first two rakahs.

Performance of Tasbîh Salâh has been strongly encouraged. It is recommended to form a habit of performing it.

Tasbîh Salâh may also be performed in Jamâ’ah (congregation) so that those who do not know how to do it should have its benefit. If Salâh Al-Tasbîh is performed in congregation, imâm first intends to vow its performance thus making it Wâjib upon him and recites all the Tasbîh aloud during Salâh. In the meantime, the congregation listens silently.


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