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What are Fidyah and Who Needs to Give Them?

With Ramadan 2024 fast-approaching, many people are wondering if they need to pay Fidyah. This straightforward article explains the Fidyah, who needs to pay them and how you can fulfil your obligation in time for Ramadan.

What is Fidyah?

When a person has either become extremely weak due to old age, or they are suffering from an illness which prevents them from fasting, they are not obliged to fast during Ramadan. Instead, if they have the means, they must feed a person in need two meals for every day of Ramadan. This payment is called Fidyah.

You can only give Fidyah if you will miss fasts due to illness and be unable to make them up. So if you are suffering from a temporary sickness during Ramadan, you need to make these fasts up later.

At Suleymaniye, we recommend you give £10 a day as Fidyah, as this will cover the cost of two high quality meals, to the standard we would feed ourselves. This adds up to £300 for the month of Ramadan. 

When should you pay Fidyah?

You should pay Fidyah before you miss your fast. If you know you will be physically unable to fast in Ramadan 2024, you should give your Fidyah from now.

Who receives your Fidyah?

Fidyah can only be given to the poor and needy. Our global teams will distribute your donations to people who can’t afford sahur and iftar this Ramadan.

Are Fidyah obligatory?

Fasting during Ramadan is an obligation on all adult Muslims. If you are exempt from this obligation due to sickness/old age, then you must give Fidyah, if you have the means to do so.

Moreover, if you miss a fast without a valid reason, this is a serious matter. You need to fast the 60 consecutive days.

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Ramadan 2024

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