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Aqiqah Qurbani

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when Qurbani is performed and you can pray two rakat nafilah salah for shukur. Usually takes 3-7 days

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Aqiqah Qurbani

The sacrifice offered for a newborn baby as a gratitude to Allâh (Ta`ala) is called Aqîqah. It is Mustahab (and Sunnah according to Al Aimmah Al-Thalathah). It can be performed any time after the birth of the child but more favourable on the seventh day.

After the birth on the seventh day, the child’s hair is trimmed. Sadaqah is given in gold or silver according to the weight of child`s hair and then a sacrifice is offered. One animal can be slaughtered for a boy or a girl. Some scholars say two animals are offered for a boy. Any animal that is suitable for Udhiyyah can also be used as Aqîqah.

The bones of the Aqîqah can be separated from the joints but kept unbroken, to represent good wishes for the child’s health and wellbeing. However, the bones can be broken as a sign of a wish to promote humility and protection from bad manners. Both actions are regarded as Mustahab (recommended).

The owner of the sacrifice (Aqîqah) is allowed to consume the meat. People can be fed with this meat. It can also be offered to others as a donation.

Our students, to whom we will deliver your Qurbani, learn about the Quranic sciences and graduate from a special curriculum follow-up.

It is ensured that our students are raised as outstanding individuals who are committed to their religious and moral values.

With the education our student’s receive, they can devote their lives to serving the book of Allah. Our students can continue their life as a model Muslim in society by choosing the profession they deem appropriate for themselves.

Helping the student of the Qur'an to get education is also Sadaqah Jariyah.

Qurbani; It is the slaughter of animals available for sacrifice with the intention of worshiping for the sake of Allah.

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