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Zakat al-Fitr (Fitrana)

£10 each person

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You can choose the giftaid option at checkout. No extra cost to you.

I am a UK taxpayer and I understand that if I pay less Income and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in the relevant tax year, it is my responsibility to pay any difference. I understand that Gift Aid will fund administrative costs as well as our charitable programs.

Zakat al-Fitr (Fitrana)

Sadaqa Fitra: It is a donation which is Wajib upon every Muslim who owns at least the Nisaab amount (80.18 grams of gold or equivalent) after deducting essential needs and has reached the end of Ramadan.

Sadaqa Fitra is a means for the acceptance of the fasting, and protects against troubles during death and the punishments in the grave. It also makes the poor happy by helping them buy their needs for Eid. Sadaqa Fitr is a humanitarian duty.

Every Muslim has to give Sadaqa for themselves and their poor small children (i.e. children who do not possess the Nisaab amount)

It is not Wajib upon the parents to give Sadaqa for their rich or adolescent children.

Sadaqa Fitr is Wajib from the sunrise of the first day of Eid-ul Fitr. However, for the poor to be able to buy the goods they need before Eid, it is also good to give the Fitra before Eid.

 Because it becomes Wajib with the sunrise on the first day of Eid, if a baby was to be born before this, then it is Wajib upon the parents to give Sadaqa Fitr for that child. If the baby is born after sunrise, then Sadaqa Fitra is not Wajib.

A person can give the Fitra of their adolescent children with their consent. But for those who they are responsible for, because they are their dependants then their consent is not needed.

A person cannot give their Fitra to their own parents, partner or children, even if they are poor.

It is Makruh to delay giving the Fitra until after the prayer on Eid-ul Fitr.

Rasulullah (s.a.w) said:

Allah Ta’ala has made Sadaqa Fitr Wajib, in order to purify the faster from pointless, useless and foul words and to feed the poor and needy. Whoever gives their Sadaqa Fitr before Salat on Eid day, then that will be an accepted Fitra. However, if they give after the prayer on Eid day, then it would be counted as a normal donation.”

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